Medical researcher in Italy: Lebanon is rich in herbs that strengthen and activate the immune system


Dr. Mohamed Khalil, a university researcher in the Italian city of Genoa, said in an interview with “the National Information Agency” that “some medicinal herbs found in Lebanon, especially with the advent of spring, have a scientifically proven ability to stimulate and activate the immune system to counter the Corona virus.”

He believed that “the disease has become a global epidemic according to the description of the World Health Organization and affects many countries around the world. The virus is a very small non-cellular (acellular) particle, which needs a host cell in order to reproduce and this is one of the reasons for the lack of effective antiviral drugs against this. Type of particles. In these cases comes prevention, which is the best option to avoid this type of infection and avoid the problem of spreading and not controlling it. ”

And Khalil number of herbs and plants that have the ability to activate the immune system, most notably: garlic, onions, chicory, asparagus spp, asparagus Eryngium, Nigella sativa, free, turmeric and ginger, thyme and eucalyptus eucalyptus, all of which contain oils and substances It has anti-inflammatory activity and thus strengthens the immune system to fight corona.


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