McLaren team announces improved health status for worker with corona in my country


McLaren announced on Monday that the worker who contracted the emerging coronavirus and caused the team to withdraw from the Australian Grand Prix for Formula One before it was completely canceled, is recovering well and “symptoms have disappeared”..

He put 14 people who had been in contact with the injured person in quarantine for 14 days and were in “good spirits,” according to team manager Zach Brown, revealing that team racing director Andreas Stella remained in Australia to support those who were stuck there as a result of the quarantine.

The other members have returned to the United Kingdom, but will not be allowed to visit the team headquarters for two weeks as a precaution.

It was scheduled to start the season of 2020 for the first category of Australia last week, but the race was canceled ahead of the scheduled date for the start of official trials on Friday, because of fears of the “Covid-19” virus, which negatively affected various sporting events around the world.

After the abolition of the Albert Park circuit in the Australian city of Melbourne, the organizers of the World Championship announced the delay of the Bahrain and Vietnam races due to the virus, to join the Grand Prix of China, which was previously postponed for the same reason.

With this, the start of the tournament will be officially postponed to next May.

According to the schedule announced so far, the Netherlands Grand Prix (May 1 to May 3) remains on schedule. But the website of the championship revealed that the curators of this race and the Spain Grand Prize (scheduled for May 10) are discussing with the company that owns the championship and the International Federation of Cars “VIA” in the new situation, especially after Europe has become the new focus of the virus classified global epidemic.

Soon after announcing the amendments to the first races, the Netherlands award curators issued a statement saying, “Based on the reports issued by the Formula One and + VIA management, we have now entered into a joint consultation with them on the possible effects of the Formula One Netherlands Grand Prix.”

The statement revealed that the circumstances are “not fully known yet, but in the event of a possible delay, all tickets will remain valid. Once more developments are known, we will share them with all parties concerned.”

On the Spanish side, the administrators of the Catalonia circuit announced that all events that were scheduled on the circuit until mid-April had been canceled.

Although this period does not include the date specified previously for the Spanish Grand Prix, the organizers stressed, “We are studying the different options available with Formula One” as the current status of the virus imposed urgent changes.

“The Barcelona-Catalunya circuit will continue to monitor the development of the epidemic, to keep in constant contact with various health authorities and authorities in order to continue implementing the procedures and recommendations in place, and to ensure the health and safety of our visitors. We regret the inconvenience these changes may have caused and offer our apologies to all the fans and customers who have been affected,” the statement added. With these exceptional measures. ”

Spain is the second European country to be affected by the “Covid-19” virus after Italy, and according to the latest toll on Monday morning, the number of deaths from the virus increased to 297, while the number of confirmed cases reached 8744.

The Spanish authorities imposed near total isolation to try to stop the epidemic.

On Saturday evening, Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez announced the imposition of strict measures to isolate the 46 million people in their homes, according to which they will not be allowed to leave to go to the workplace or to spend other necessities, most notably the purchase of food or medicine or for treatment.

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