Maya Diab steals husbands and advises women on open legs and authenticity – a picture


On the occasion of the International Women’s Day, corresponding to March 8 of each year, the Lebanese star, Maya Diab, wanted to support the marginalized Arab woman with her eyesight, and to teach her the best way to be liberated, naked and to become a grab for everyone.

Maya was married to a married man, that is, he stole from his wife, and then I fell in love with Hadi Sharara, who is married to the artist Pascal Saqr, and almost divorced his wife because of her, and all this is the result of liberation in her view!

Maya published a picture in which she appeared in a long, open dress that revealed her leg, and commented: (And become like her with the approach of International Women’s Day, the woman must educate herself no matter what path she chooses, and she only has to fulfill her dreams without looking around or listening to anyone or People who criticize her by defaming her image and hiding under the abaya of customs and traditions .. #Women_womens day).

It is true that what Maya has written is not only an invitation to escape from beautiful customs and traditions, but a blatant invitation to imitate it, which is only a bad example of the freedom that a reasonable and respectful woman seeks.

Maya asked the Arab woman to give up her customs and traditions if necessary in order to achieve her dreams, and her words impressed the Syrian artist Asala Nasri, who had previously abandoned her principles to become what she is now after she betrayed her husband Ayman Al-Dhahabi and she fell into the arms of Tariq Al-Arian who insisted on having children From him to preserve him, but he deserted her six months before she announced her separation.

Maya Diab, published hours ago, a video showing the precautions she started with her team to avoid the transmission of the Coronavirus.

She appeared to sterilize the atmosphere and sprayed the antiseptic on two of her team, saying: (Corona Diaries .. You will not insist on something from Halek for 50 years … precautionary measures after the initial procedures!).

Maya Diab

Suleiman Al-Barnawi – Algeria


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