Maya Diab breaks records with this challenge .. and her daughter imitates her!


After she released the Lebanese artistMaya DiabThe clip of her new song “Anna”, on the way of animation with the personality of the super Maya, which is the first work of its kind in terms of idea and directing, she achieved a new achievement, topping the list of Trending on a social networking site, because of the challenge of the song “I” that I launched recently with the choreographer Hadi Awada, who designed her dance to tune the song.
Maya Diab published a video that includes dance moves for the song, and the video quickly achieved wide spread and great interaction on various social media sites. The number of participants has reached 16 million.
It is worth noting that Maya Kai’s daughter joined the public in this challenge, as she appeared in a video imitating her mother with the special moves of the “I” challenge.
It is mentioned that the song “I” is composed by Ziad Burji and composed by Hadi Sharara. As for the clip, it is directed by Crystal Younis and Graphics by Imad Abdel Qader.


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