May Al-Aidan threatens firmly the Twitter abusers


Kuwaiti media Mai Al-Aidan launched a cruel attack with decisive words on everyone who launches incorrect tweets via pages bearing her name through social networking sites, against the background of a tweet considered offensive to the UAE as it hides the spread of the Corona epidemic.

After the uproar, criticism, and threats made by some Emirati celebrities on Al-Aidan, a picture of the wrong tweet bearing her name was published on her page on the Instagram application, and she confirmed that she was forged and that she had not stated these words.

And she decisively said: “I was silent on the lack of manners and fabrication, but his tweet is rigged. I do not want to make fun of it. I never wrote these words, and I did not believe that his head was prowled in the raft. Originally, what is a cheap fraud?”

She added: “I who did not keep silent and went on to raise the issue in the Emirates on this fabrication, what is my account? What is true is pronouncing his head in the raft. ”

He continued: “But my right to help him when you visit not his grandfather until the first average is equal to what I want. I say, God suffices me, yes, the agent, and no analyst. By God, I am oppressed, and he won.”

She also posted a video clip through the “Snapchat” application, in which she repeated her threat to everyone who tweets in her name, and confirmed her use of the judiciary to try all those who violated her.


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