Maxim and Gulf stars quarried in Beirut


                Maxim Khalil is awaiting the moment the activity returns to its series “Sons of Adam” 
    <p>Lebanese production companies are committed to the home stone and not to shoot their series this period due to the spread of Corona virus. This led to the stoning of a large number of Arab stars who were in Beirut to film a series of their series. More than 21 Gulf actors in Al-Hijr are in Beirut today, and they are the majority of the heroes of the series “Beirut Pay” (written by Heba Meshari and directed by Ali Al-Ali), which was filmed in Beirut and starring Bahraini actor and poet Khaled Al-Sheikh and others. As for the Syrian stars, there are currently in Maksim Khalil, Qusay Sheikh Najib, Mahmoud Nasr and others. The Eagle Films company depicted the series “Sons of Adam” (Rami Koussa and Al-Layth Hajo), which brings together Maxim Khalil, Magi Bou Ghosn, Daniela Rahma and Qais Sheikh Najib, and “Dantel” (taken from a foreign form and directed by Muthanna Sobh) that brings together Sirine Abdel Nour And Mahmoud Nasr. With the decision of the stone, the Gulf or Syrian stars did not leave their homes, but rather preferred to remain in Beirut because production companies may take the decision to resume filming early next week. Therefore, their presence in the city where their projects were visualized made it easier for them to restore their artistic activity later.


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