Massive gains for US stocks .. Dow Jones exceeds 20 thousand points



US stocks posted tremendous gains, supported by optimism in the Congress’s approval of an urgent rescue package, provided by the administration of President Donald Trump at a value of two trillion dollars in support of the US economy.

The Dow Jones Wall Street jumped to high levels, regaining the level of 20 thousand points.

Corona deaths in America reached 600 deaths and more than 50 thousand cases of the virus.

President Donald Trump called on the US Congress to adopt the massive economic recovery plan to face the repercussions of the new Corona epidemic, Tuesday, warning of the harms of long-term negotiations between Republicans and Democrats on American workers.

“The Congress must approve the plan out of bounds today,” the Republican president wrote in a clear reference to specific demands made by the Democratic opposition.

He warned that “the longer the time, the more difficult it will be to restart the economy. Our workers will suffer.”

Since Friday, Republican Senators, Democrats, and White House representatives have been engaged in intense negotiations to reach a deal on a giant recovery plan that could garner about $ 2,000 billion, while the first global economy is already feared to have entered a recession.

A vote on the plan was tentatively scheduled for Monday, but the session was suspended until 10 am Tuesday (2 pm GMT). No date has been set for the vote yet.

US Treasury Secretary Stephen Mnuchin is leading negotiations in Congress between Republicans and Democrats.


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