Maryam Hussein appears with her brother for the first time


Moroccan actress Maryam Hussein shared her followers video clip of her and her younger brother, where she appeared while she was driving her car, and announced that there is a person accompanying her in the car, her brother Ismail, and he appeared with her for the first time and said that he will always be near her and will not abandon her.

Mariam Hussein’s brother ignited the social media in his first appearance, where she viewed a video clip via Snapchat, and I said that the night was accompanied by my brother, to respond not only tonight but every night, and Maryam said that their father told her brothers to appear on the social media after he was opposed to that.

Maryam Hussein, who holds beside the Moroccan nationality, revealed the Iraqi nationality that her brother, Ismail, is 27 years old. She also praised her brother, and toxic, and said that he is an equestrian champion, expressing her love towards her brothers because they are the real support and support.

Maryam Hussein News

Maryam Hussein has published a post on Snapchat, the latest sensation, in which she spoke about the number of cases infected with Corona virus in Morocco, which is the least exposed to the Corona virus, and said that the reason is the magic of the virus.


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