Mariam Hussein’s brother turns the atmosphere around with his medal on his first appearance


Mariam Hussein’s brother turns the mood, Mariam Hussein’s younger brother sparked the atmosphere and impressed millions across the platforms of Media Media in his first appearance with his sister by appearing with her in a video clip that she published via her account on Snapchat, where she surprised the followers by appearing with her younger brother in the video clip Who photographed it from inside the car, during which it announced that it will be its companion in an event.

Mariam Hussein’s brother turns the mood

Mariam Hussein said in the clip circulating among all the followers:

“My companions are my brother tonight,” so he commented: “No, but this night is silent.” His spontaneous words surprised her, saying: “Dom … the brothers of solace … they didn’t like me talking about them in social media, but they got permission from my parents.”

The Moroccan star, who holds Iraqi nationality, explained that her brother, Ismail, is 27 years old, and he is an equestrian champion, as she kept pampering him and praising his honor, and all media media pioneers expressed their admiration for his medal especially that he was acting spontaneously in front of the camera.

Maryam Hussein prison

It is noteworthy that the Moroccan star had spent about 11 days in prison after being sentenced to one month in prison and her entry into the Emirates in the case brought against him by the journalist Saleh Al Jasmi, and she was released with a special amnesty.


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