March 14 … Kinda Alloush, Arwa Joudeh and Hanan Mutawa in “Except Me”


Art News Art News and Artists News: March 14 … Kinda Alloush and I narrated the quality and tenderness of Mutawa in “Except I” Source of the news – Films – in art with details of the news March 14 … Kinda Alloush and narrated the quality and tenderness of Mutawa in “Except I” :

Art News Today – The DMC channel released a song that sings its new series “Ela Ana”, which has the name “We will live and we see”, from the words of Tamer Hussein, composed by Amr Mostafa, and distributed by Nader Hamdi, by Lina Chamamyan,The series, which is scheduled to be shown on Saturday, March 14th, is the first dramatic comeback of the artist Kinda Alloush, nearly a year and a half after her first daughter, Hayat, was created by the artist Amr Youssef, and she shares the work starring: Wafaa Amer, Jamila Awad, and Sherry Adel. And he narrated quality, and affection compassionate.

The series “Except I” is a collection of independent stories, each of which revolves in several episodes of up to 60 episodes, and those stories list real facts and events in most of them to address topics of interest to society in general and women in particular, and address important topics such as (marital silence – Ambition and struggle of women, violence against women, and society’s perception of divorced women).

The story “Except I” is the idea of ​​the writer Yusri Al-Fakhrani, and each story has a writer and director. The list includes the directors Ahmed Shafiq, Tamer Ashry, Mahmoud Kamel, Mohamed Osama, Muhammad Jumaa, Samih Al-Naqash. The list of authors includes Abeer Suleiman, Amin Jamal, Reem Al-Qamash, Muhammad Al-Dabah, Muhammad Mahrez, Omar Abdel-Halim.

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