Manchester United in the wind … a new crisis threatens the aspirations to return to the summit


There is a crisis looming on the old Trafford stronghold in Nadi Manchester United The Englishman, whose official sponsorship contract will end on his shirt by the car company «Chevrolet» American, and the parties did not reach an agreement to renew the contract, which expires in 2021.

It seems that «Chevrolet» and Manchester United Club will not reach an agreement to renew in the future as the global car company does not feel satisfied being the official sponsor of Manchester United floundering in the results during the past years, which constitutes a real crisis for the Red Devils due to the difficulty of obtaining the same financial numbers By another shepherd and also the difficulty of finding a new shepherd during the coming period.

It includes your current contract «Chevrolet» Man United have to give him 73 million euros a season, which is much higher than his traditional rival Manchester City, a hero Premier League In past years, he is the official sponsor of his shirt Etihad Airways Emirati worth 51 million euros in the season.

Manchester United had signed a contract in 2012 with the American car company for 500 million euros, which is a large number and the club was unable to meet the company’s goals, which made it feel uncomfortable and did not intend to renew the contract.

The “Chevrolet” logo appeared for the first time on the club’s shirt, beginning in the 2014-2015 season.

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In fact, this agreement appears to have been a curse on both sides, as the marketing president of the then-American company, Joel Iannic, made statements in a newspaper «Daily Mail» English: “From the start, we felt that Chevrolet had paid too much money to complete the agreement, and this will not happen again because the club did not meet expectations.”And after the years had passed, this statement had a heavy weight as Manchester United lived one of its worst moments in its history since its foundation in 1878.

According to the newspaper «Daily Mail»The management of the Manchester club is currently sending the team’s shirt to international companies in an attempt to bring a contract from one of its brands, which seems almost impossible to achieve by reaching an agreement with an alternative at the level of “Chevrolet” and paying the same numbers that were paid in light of the team’s departure from the titles Its results fluctuated in recent years.


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