Major economic concerns that the Tokyo Olympics will postpone the cost of the large equipment and difficulty in scheduling tournaments


has become Prospect Delay the games Olympic Summer in a Tokyo This Year, Minus From Before The organizers And demand Urgent For athletes, And likely that it causes This Postponement Ramifications Economical Huge distance Years From Preparation.

in a What Come Show For bigger Challenges Which Faces it Delay Course Olympiad Prescribed between 24 July And the ninth From Father, And who Will be precedent From Its type Outside time the war:

Return Scheduling Competitions

in a Justify it For not Take resolution Delay the games From right Now, Explained President The Commission Olympic International German Thomas Bach that a step Like this she was Would mean Judgment Non possibility Specify an appointment new, Due For modifications Mega And discussions Wide Required Before The performance With that.

He drew to me that «Delay Olympiad Summer time to me Year 2021, as such Demanding several Parties Athletic, Will be As nightmare about to me Athletes And the owners rights Broadcast Television show, Due Because This Year It includes Basically Dates Athletic several».

With Signal, to me it’s a in a Condition Postponed the games to me summer Year Next, Lost Inconsistent With championship the world For games Powers Prescribed in a the states United in a Month Father From that Year.

as such From Decision Accommodation championship the world To swim in a Japan between 16 July And the first From Father 2021.

And my heroism cup Europe And Cuba America For a ball Foot They were Two decisions in a summer 2020 And postponed to me summer Year Next On background spread virus Sk The newbie.

It is indicated to me that 2022 he is Also Year Event Athlete Basic he is finals cup the world For a ball Foot, And that Will be played in a Late the year in a Qatar.

Pitches And installations

Will be played the games in a 43 Facility Olympic, Some of them Temporary, Some are brouwn specially For the event, And the other one Will be returned Use it For purposes Different distance The course, And a number From Facilities Which need to her For games may be «No is being Available» Anyway Postponement.

Nor Is limited The matter On Facilities Sports, Therefore Reservation Organizers center opposed Huge in a Tokyo «Flushing Site» To convert it to me Center Journalist Which Expect that Using it Thousands Through Cover them the event Global And usually What is being Reserved Before Months, It will be Modify an appointment Book it From Yes the games Olympic, or Persuade From Already for them Book it To move to me Place else (Anyway Disagree The two appointments), A challenge Great For the organizers.

the village Olympic

Spin Questions a lot About fate the village Olympic Maqamah On real estates Expensive With view On bay Tokyo And skyscrapers The clouds And a bridge «Arch rainbow» Famous.

It includes the village 21 Building An author From 14 to me 18 Floor With capacity Total Report 18 a thousand Bed Through the games Olympic And eight Thousands For games Paralympic.

And it was The scheme Requires Return Rehabilitation the village And turn it to me Thousands The apartments Own Luxurious And displayed For sale or The rent. She floated Batch The first The author From 940 Flat For sale Start summer Year 2019, Has been Done Sale Section the biggest Of which, according to What Benefit Reports The journalist Japanese.

Anyway Delay the games, Will be forced Organizers To postpone Business Qualification, Hence delay Delivery The apartments For buyers Whose Already for them Signature Decades the purchase Which Includes Dates Delivery.


From between Challenges «Many Many» Which I mentioned it The Commission International she Reservations Hotels Which Commissioned Millions And that Will be «From Difficult very Processed».

Many hotel rooms were booked many months ago, with many paying huge sums as a first payment that they might lose, in addition to having to re-book in the event the games were postponed. »


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