Main highlights from the Manchester Derby | Manchester United official site


In an exciting match, United managed to score the three points, continuing to compete for the fourth place that qualified for the next version of the Champions League.
French striker Anthony Marcial scored the first goal with a brilliant air shot in the first half, then Scottish midfielder Scott Maktumenay secured the match points for United by scoring the second goal in the last minute of the match.
In the following lines, we review the most prominent points of discussion of this exciting win …
A magical glimpse of Bruno Fernandez
In his first derby with Manchester United, Bruno Fernandez made a great match, as if he had been used to playing in the derby for years. In one of the magical glances of the Portuguese star, Fernandez passed a beautiful ball to Anthony Marcial to score the first goal of United in the 30th minute, and the owner of the 18th shirt proved his ability to make the difference and make goals in every match.


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