Mahmoud Al-Osaili is close to two million views with “Paradise is enough for us”


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Mahmoud Al-Osaili is close to two million views, “Paradise is enough for us”, today, Saturday, March 21, 2020 07:48 pm

The video clip of the song, “Paradise of Tekfina” by singer Mahmoud Al-Osaili, has approached 2 million views on his official channel, the popular video site, “YouTube”, since its launch last Tuesday.Mahmoud Al-Osaili collaborated in the song “Paradise Tikfina” with the lyric poet Yomna Al-Asily and the music composer Amir Hedaya.

It is worth noting that Mahmoud Al-Osaili’s latest songs were titled “Dramatic”, and they were released in January, which are the lyrics of the lyric poet Amir Tuaima, composed by Ihab Abdel Wahid, and the distribution of Amir Hidaya’s music. The song has achieved more than 4 million views so far.

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