Magic rockets his fourth consecutive loss


Russell Westbrook is a Houston Rockets player during a match for his team in Boston on February 29, 2020. Reuters photo from USA Today Sports.

(Reuters) – Six Orlando Magic players starred and scored twice as the 126-106 team beat Houston Rockets, the NBA’s home ground, on Sunday evening.

Orlando played without prominent player Ivan Fournier because of his elbow injury.

DJ Augustine scored 24 points, Nikola Vojcevich added 16 points and had 16 rebounds, Aaron Gordon scored 19 points in addition to capturing ten rebounds.

The Rockets lost four games in a row while this was the second consecutive bump on home soil.

The Rockets were 30 points behind in the 120-105 defeat by the Los Angeles Clippers last Thursday, and a similar delay occurred by a difference of 32 points during the second half on Sunday.

Russell Westbrook and James Harden shared 47 points, 15 rebounds and ten assists for the Rockets, but this pair easily lost the ball 12 times.

Osama Khairy prepared for the Arab publication


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