Madiha Al-Hamdani responds to May Al-Eidan after she and her mother attacked her because of Qusay Khouli-video


She repliedMadiha Al-HamdaniThe wife of the Syrian actor Qusai Khouli on the Kuwaiti mediaMai Al-AidanAfter the latter attacked her and her mother, Tunisian actor Amal Allam, because of her recent story with Khouly, which spread widespread controversy.
Al-Hamdani published a video on her personal page defending her mother against the attacks of Al-Aidan, noting that she raised a whole family and made a sacrifice for her age and youth for them and for her grandmother, and this also made her wish to grow up and see her son take care of her as her mother did.
Al-Hamdani confirmed that she is proud of her mother, while she did not mention the name of the sticks in a direct way, but she described who she meant by that she did not reduce her mother a lot, but she resorted to injections and cosmetics to hide her age, while her mother stayed on her nature and chose to remain on her wrinkles, and followers confirmed She means the Kuwaiti media.
Al-Hamdani indicated that her mother was not backless, as Al-Aidan said, but rather, she wore the Tunisian traditional costume, an artist who sings the heritage of her country.


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