Madeira Prime Minister reveals the truth about Ronaldo’s injury!


The Portuguese Prime Minister of the Madeira region, Miguel Albuquerque, said that the star Cristiano Ronaldo did not transmit the infection of the new Corona virus, denying the rumors that the Portuguese player had been infected.
Ronaldo and his family are subject to health isolation in Madeira, and the British Daily Mail newspaper reported on Friday that the player will remain in his country in light of the crisis in Italy due to the spread of infection with Corona virus.Rumors were raised about Ronaldo’s infection with the Coruna virus after the announcement of his teammate Juventus team, Danieli Rogani, with the virus and the reported transmission of Paulo Dybala.

Juventus announced that 121 people working at the club as well as the players are subject to health isolation.

Ronaldo had traveled to Madeira to visit his mother, who was recently suffering from a health crisis, and it is now difficult to return to Italy in light of the severe restrictions imposed on flights due to the Corona virus, which has spread in several European countries headed by Italy.

Ronaldo was reported to have been infected with the Coruna virus, but Albuquerque, the head of the regional government, denied the order, and Regional Health Minister Pedro Ramos confirmed that “the player and his family have no symptoms.”


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