Madam achieved, did the health of artist Mahmoud Yassin deteriorate? Madam


Rania Mahmoud Yassin denied the validity of all the statements attributed to her or to the family of the artist Mahmoud Yassin On the deterioration of the health of her father, and confirmed in a special statement to “Madam Net”, that the health status of the Egyptian artist is stable, but he cannot perform social duties such as offering condolences.

Mahmoud Yassin
The family of Mahmoud Yassin did not state his deteriorating health

Rania confirmed that the rumor of the deterioration of the health of her father, the artist Mahmoud Yassin, was renewed after her mother, the famous artist, published a message of condolence to the family of former President Hosni Mubarak, which included an apology for not attending the burial and solace ceremonies because of the health condition of the artist Mahmoud Yassin, and some understood that his condition was critical, but the fact is that his condition He is stable and he has not left the house for a while.

She added that she is trying to reassure the lovers and lovers of her father Mahmoud Yassin about his health from time to time, and sometimes videos of him are published that are photographed inside the house, or pictures with his grandchildren whenever conditions become available, and a statement was issued by the family previously to stop the rumors of his deteriorating health or his hospitalization For treatment.

It is mentioned that the famous artist Shahira recently published through her account on Facebook a sympathy to the family of former President Hosni Mubarak, in which she said: I apologize strongly for the beauty of Mubarak and Alaa Mubarak for our inability to offer condolences to the dear deceased on our hearts, due to the satisfactory conditions of my husband, artist Mahmoud Yassin, and we will not forget the president’s preference We greeted him and we pray to him that God will always bless him and her blessing.

Shahira had previously hinted in 2017 that her husband, Mahmoud Yassin, had stiffness in some arteries, and confirmed to the program “a comprehensive examination” that he suffers from a slight forgetfulness but did not suffer from Alzheimer’s as some claimed.

Then she spoke frankly about her husband’s illness for the “Sheikh Al-Hara” program in 2019, and she said that he can no longer work anymore so she refuses all the work that is presented to him, stressing that he gave art a lot of time and effort and this is God’s judgment.

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