Local condemnations and condemnations for the release of the agent Amer Al-Fakhouri – Al-Manar TV website – Lebanon


Hizbullah condemned the release of agent Amer al-Fakhouri, and affirmed in a statement that it was more honorable and beneficial for the president and members of the military court to submit their resignations instead of deference and submission to the American pressure that dictated them to take this sinister decision.

The political office of Amal movement considered that the history of the client, Amer Al-Fakhouri, criminal of labor, torture and concealment of crimes that cannot be erased by the passage of time, neither in the penal law nor in the law of God, and he added that the release of the Fakhouri agent was a decision that we reject and we will stand up to in his face as all the Lebanese people, because it is not like Lebanon and its sacrifices And its history is resistant.

Representative Ibrahim al-Moussawi considered that the release of the agent Amer al-Fakhouri is an insult to Lebanon and to every honorable Lebanese, and underestimating the pain, surgeries, torture, and testimony of many Lebanese.

For his part, the Lebanese National Forces and Figures meeting condemned the decision of the Military Court against the agent Amer Al-Fakhouri, and demanded that a bold decision be taken to correct the ruling issued, in fairness to those who died from the martyrs and the tortures of the prisoners and the wounded. The meeting considered that the military court, by its decision, overthrew all moral and human values, and blew up the remaining independence of the decision in this country, by yielding to the dictates and pressures imposed on it by the American act of blatant release to release Al Fakhouri from prison.

In turn, the Bar Association of Hezbollah considered that the ruling issued by the military court to stop trackdowns by agent Amer Fakhoury is a black day in the history of Lebanese justice and the military judiciary will not be erased unless this fall is corrected.
In a statement issued by Hizbullah, the Bar Association considered that the passage of time does not affect the torture crimes that this agent is practicing against its perpetrators against the Lebanese, a number of whom were martyred, and the Rally called for challenging this scandal and stopping its implementation, in order to veto it, and then to impose the just retribution of the agent Fakhoury.

The “Islamic Action Front” in Lebanon denounced a statement, “the acquittal of the military court and the Lebanese judiciary by the criminal agent Amer al-Fakhouri,” considering it “a suspicious acquittal that occurred in one judicial session, and the information that reported that al-Fakhouri was smuggled and transferred to the US embassy or outside the country and under cover of darkness is a fee The Lebanese government, which should issue a clear explanation of this serious issue, especially in light of the talk about very large American pressure exercised against the Lebanese state in order to release this criminal agent.

For its part, the League of Workers in Lebanon, headed by its Secretary General, Zahir al-Khatib, condemned, in a statement today, the decision of the military court to launch “the butcher of the detention camp of the client, Amer al-Fakhouri.” Zionism, a crime against the nation and the people, and a blatant betrayal of the struggles and sacrifices of the resistance fighters, martyrs, prisoners, the wounded and their families.


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