Liverpool offers special assistance to tackle Corona


Liverpool offers special assistance to tackle Corona


                    Paul ELLIS

Liverpool club has offered to consumer shops to use its stadium monitors to help them control the movement of its visitors during this period, due to the high demand for purchases during the emerging Corona virus crisis.

The club’s CEO, Peter Moore, wrote on Twitter: “A message to supermarket managers (consumer stores) (…), our stadium monitors (who are known as English” Stewards “), displaying their time and expertise to volunteer to help manage the crowd, Row parking management, parking lots management, helping the elderly and infirm to transfer their purchases to their cars … etc. “

Moore considered that these are “the best in this field and would be happy to assist in any job that you deem appropriate and safe in your stores.”

These watchers, who usually wear yellow or orange jackets, take on many tasks, most notably organizing the entry and exit of fans to the stadium, their distribution in the stands, and observing them during the matches to control any violations.

Liverpool can currently dispense with these monitors in light of the suspension of local football competitions, as well as most sports activities around the world, in efforts to reduce the spread of the “Covid-19” virus.

The move comes in light of reports of the suffering of workers in consumer stores in Britain, and facing problems with the large influx of consumers coming to buy food heavily in light of the “Covid-19” outbreak and calls to stay at home and not leave it except for extreme necessities.

Source: AFP


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