Liverpool legend: Mohamed Salah is like a deodorant .. It is what frustrates me the most in the English Premier League


Liverpool legend Steve Nicole has criticized the performance of the current forward’s striker and winger, Mohamed Salah, this season with the Reds despite his many goals.

A few days ago, Mohamed Salah managed to score his 70th goal in his 100th Premier League match, and outpaced the numbers of the previous duo Luis Suarez and Fernando Torres.

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Mohamed Salah and Sadio Mane attacking Liverpool

Nicole explained the reasons for his criticism of Mohamed Salah’s performance in statements to the British “ESPN”, and said: “Winning covers everything in the match, it is like a deodorant that makes you not feel all the unpleasant smells as it does not show you a lot of bad things.”

He continued: “You can apply these words to Mohamed Salah, because of his performance and level in the current season. Is there a player that makes you more frustrated than in the English Premier League because of what he does in every match ?!”

He added: “Then he will surprise you, he will give you something in the match, so we can describe it as a deodorant that makes you not feel bad things.”

He continued his statements: “You find him participating in all matches despite his performance with Liverpool, and this is because they win.”

It is worth noting that Mohamed Salah has already reached his 20th goal in the current season with all competitions, and is vying for the top scorers in the League Championship with 16 goals, 3 goals behind Leicester striker, Jimmy Vardy.


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