Liverpool fans challenge Simeone’s stubbornness .. St. Germain faces Dortmund’s ambitions


Berlin: After he got rid of his domestic stutter A precious 2/1 victory over Bournemouth Earlier this week, and a new step closer to regaining the Premier League title, Liverpool is looking forward to making an important step on the road to defending its Champions League title when it hosts Atletico Madrid in the second leg of the second round (round of sixteen) for the Champions League.

Liverpool is looking to take advantage of the mass support in Wednesday’s game to convert the result in its favor after losing 0/1 at the Atletico stadium back, while Paris Saint-Germain will miss the French public support tomorrow in the confrontation against Borussia Dortmund, who won 1/2 at home.

The Paris Saint-Germain match with Dortmund will take place without fans as part of the preventive measures taken to limit the spread of infections with the emerging Corona virus.

Liverpool faces a difficult challenge in tomorrow’s match at Anfield stadium due to the strength of the opponent, but the mass support that played a prominent role in the team’s victory in the European title last season will be one of the most important weapons that the team relies on in the game tomorrow, hoping to pass the hurdle of Atletico led by its stubborn Argentine coach Diego Simeone.

Liverpool coach Jurgen Klopp hopes that the team will continue its uprising after the precious victory over Bournemouth in the English Premier League, which brought the team out of a passing hiccup, where the victory over Bournemouth was very important after two consecutive defeats for Liverpool against Watford 0/3 in the Premier League, and before Chelsea 0 / 2 in the England Cup.

Klopp is awaiting the case of captain Jordan Henderson, who returned to training after recovering from injury, while the team will again miss the efforts of goalkeeper Alison Baker, who is still suffering from the injury.

On the other hand, Atletico’s ranks appear complete before tomorrow’s match, and the team hopes to avoid a repetition of the fate that he faced last season when he came out at the hands of Juventus, with a 3-0 defeat, despite the victory of Atletico at home.

Atletico midfielder Marcos Laurenti denounced the idea of ​​the impact of Liverpool’s defeat against Watford on the team’s European championship, particularly in tomorrow’s match, where the defeat against Watford was the first for Liverpool in the English Premier League this season.

“The English Premier League is a championship, and the European Champions League is another championship … The match will be difficult,” said Laurenti. The confrontation was difficult for us in the first leg at our stadium and it will not be any easier in the return match at Liverpool stadium. We have to start the game with all our might because that’s exactly what Liverpool will do. ”

In the other match Wednesday, Dortmund seeks to take advantage of the advantage he won from winning 1/2 back when he visits PSG tomorrow.

The German trio Dortmund, Bayern Munich and Leipzig are looking forward to passing the round of sixteen in the competition and reaching the quarter-finals, based on their good results in the first round.

The Champions League quarter-finals have not seen the arrival of three teams from Germany since the 1997/1998 season, which saw the only time this happened.

But Dortmund will need to do his best on defense if he is to pass the hurdle of tomorrow in the face of St. Germain, led by coach Thomas Tochel, the former coach of Dortmund himself.

Saint-Germain has lost just three times in its last 54 matches at home to the European Championships, however The absence of mass support Wednesday Because of the Corona virus, it may be in the interest of its German rival.

“We have to trust ourselves and be present in the match since the kick-off,” said Emery Kan, the team’s midfielder.

Round two rounds of the Champions League are to be completed next week, as Juventus meet with Lyon, Manchester City, Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, Chelsea, Barcelona and Barcelona, ​​Napoli, Italy.



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