Liverpool deserves the title if the tournament is not completed


Liverpool find itself this season closer than ever to winning the title after thirty years of waiting, topping the standings with 82 points, 25 points behind City, who played less.

The red team could have won the title in the next match against its neighbor Everton in the thirtieth stage, on condition that City lose to Burnley.

However, the outbreak of the Corona virus prompted the suspension of matches after stage 29. The League League suspended football until April 30, a date likely to be extended by the outcome of a local meeting on Friday.

In an interview with the German “ZDF” station, Gundogan said that in the event he was unable to finish the season, his compatriot team coach Juergen Klopp deserved the title.

“It will be acceptable to me (…) as an athlete you have to be fair,” he said.

The 29-year-old German international, who has won the Premier League title in the past two seasons with City, has ruled out that he and his teammates will be able to resume team training at the end of April.

“Frankly, I can’t imagine that, and I don’t know how realistic it is,” he said.

As of Sunday, Britain announced the death of 1,228 people with “Covid-19”, and the registration of more than 19,500 patients, including Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

The European Union of European Football Association (UEFA), Slovenian Alexander Ceverin, announced on Saturday that he did not know when the continental season, which was interrupted by the new Corona virus, could be returned, expressing fear that it would be lost if current health conditions prevented its resumption by the end of June.

Gundogan considered that the Premier League officials face difficult options, and said, “There are different opinions, and it is clear that the clubs that provided a good season, do not see the postponement of the season’s cancellation now a good thing (…) On the other side, the teams that did not provide a good level Or threatened by the risk of landing, it is clear that the abolition is appropriate. ”

The impact of the cancellation of the season is not limited to the “Premier League” only, but will affect the second division championship, particularly Leeds United and West Bromwich, who are ranked first in the first division to the Premium Division.

Gundogan announced that he was ready to reduce his wages if the English clubs followed the policy of other teams that made this step, such as his former club Borussia Dortmund and Juventus, the Italian league leaders.

“Of course I think there is nothing wrong with that, this goes without saying (but) there has not been any discussion in England about the matter yet,” he said.


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