Live broadcast Watch the Juventus and Inter match in the Italian League


Mercato Day offers you a live broadcast to host Juventus, the Inter team in the most important matches today, Sunday 8-3-2020 in a game postponed from 1-3-2020, as part of the 26th round of the Italian League competition.

The match, which will be broadcast on BN Sports 4, with the comment “Ali Mohamed Ali”, will begin at 19:45 GMT, 21:45 Egypt time, 22:45 Saudi time, on the “Allianz Stadium” in Turin, managed by Italian referee “Marco Guida”.

The Juventus team receives its Inter counterpart, at the “Allianz Stadium”, at the top of the 26 matches of the Italian League, and the match will be played without the presence of the fans due to the spread of Corona virus.

Juventus enter the host team, missing the crowd, and appointed him to win to hit two birds with one stone, the first restored the lead from “Lazio”, and the second excluded Inter from its competition for the title of Escudito.

And the friends of “Cristiano Ronaldo” will seek to reconcile their angry fans because of the shameful performance they provide in the recent period, in addition to losing the last meeting the team fought against “Lyon” in the first leg of the 16th Champions League.

On the other hand, the Inter team is looking to win to kidnap the three points, to continue the competition for the title until the last breath.

And Nerazzurri is third with 54 points from 24 games, with a postponed match other than today’s match, where he won 16 matches, drew 6 and lost on only two occasions, scored 49 goals, and conceded 22 times as the strongest defense in the competition.

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Juventus 0-0 Inter

آلي Allianz Stadium (Turin – Italy)

? Italian League – Round 26 (postponed)

ارية Underway

Live broadcast “My Book”, moment by moment

  • Welcome to this live broadcast of the classic Italian football match.
  • “Mahmoud Maher” will be with you on this live broadcast from Mercato Day office.
  • Juventus squad today: Chesney – Alex Sandro – De Licht – Bonucci – Quadrado – Aaron Ramsey – Bentancourt – Matuidi – Cristiano Ronaldo – Gonzalo Higuain – Douglas Costa.
  • Inter squad today: Handanovic – Bastone – De Vere – Skrnyar – Candriva – Vecino – Prozovic – Barilla – Ashley Young – Lautaro Martinez – Lukaku.
  • The match is behind closed doors .. There is no fan in the stands of the Allianz Stadium in Turin … and this is what we have not seen before in the history of the two teams’ matches in the Italian League competition.
  • Damn the Corona virus !!
  • 1 بداية The first whistle for the match …
  • 5 رس Fierce pressure from Juventus at the beginning of the meeting to try to resolve the summit and regain the absent top spot ..
  • 7 ″ Oooooooo … a terrible and powerful header from Matthias de Licht after an amazing corner, the keeper Handawnevich pushes her away with great dexterity.
  • 20 ″ A new attempt by de Licht with a header after a corner, but this time his ball passes over the crossbar.
  • 24 ″ Oooooooo … Handanovic dodging Cristiano Ronaldo inside the Inter penalty box!
  • 30 ″ Inter are the better party now..Thanks to the high pressure he plays on Juventus players …
  • 45 ″ The whistle at the end of the silent game … in a negative tie.
  • 45 ? ? The referee only added 3 seconds as a time instead of lost!
  • Back to the second half
  • 45 ″ The first half of the match whistle.


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