Linda Lucardi’s husband asks for her prayers after she is infected with the Corona virus


Corona virus is invading humans without differentiating them as some do, injuries are equal between public and private and celebrities, and after Prince Charles and Prince Albert Prince of Monaco were infected, British actress and model Linda Losardi has contracted it. Is it an early or a late infection?

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After British 61-year-old actress, media and model Linda Losardi was taken to hospital last Friday, and she was reported to have been infected with Coronavirus “Covid 19”, her 51-year-old husband, Sam Kane, stated that his wife’s health “Late and on the verge of death, still far from healing.”

In his words, HIV-infected Sam Kean also said: “There is no real change in Linda’s condition today, I am afraid, the situation is as it was since last night, send your thoughts, your love, your prayers to her .. She needs help now, she is fighting and will win, thank you For your wonderful and kind messages … lots of love, Sam. ”

Linda is still placed on the oxygen machine and needs levels of it and use solutions, but she does eat and drink regularly.
Sam Keane went to the British, asking them to take the Corona virus seriously, to guard against it, and to respond to official health directives by medically protecting it by using medical supplies such as masks, gloves, and sterilizers, fully adhering to domestic quarantine, social separation, and canceling direct communication.


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