Lina Al-Fishawi is stirring controversy again, in this way


Once again, Lina El-Fishawy, daughter of the artist Ahmed El-Fishawy, has sparked controversy among her followers on Instagram, with her looks and pictures that have been republished since she published her picture as a child.

Today, Lina al-Fishawi returned to publish a new photo of her, as she listens to Astori’s music on her personal page of social networking sites, Instagram.

Lina’s looks varied between casual and classic, daring, but her beauty was distinguished by the natural beauty that combined the features of the father and mother.

It is noteworthy that the artist Ahmed Al-Fishawy participated in the movie “Ghosts of Europe”, which was collected by the artist Mustafa Khater, which is the story of Karim Farouk, a screenplay and dialogue by Amin Jamal, Muhammad Abu Al-Saad and Sharif Yusri, and directed by Mohamed Hamaki in his first directorial experiences.


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