Light Radio Sheikh Damoush: To support the government’s reform program, rather than aiming at it


In the Friday sermon, Hizbullah Deputy Vice President Sheikh Ali Damoush stressed “the necessity of seriously dealing with health warnings and guidelines issued by the Ministry of Health aimed at curbing the spread of the Corona virus in Lebanon”

Sheikh Daamoush said that any “negligence in this represents a legal violation when it is possible to transmit the infection to others.”

His Eminence pointed out that “the indulgence of returnees from countries hit by disease, their indifference to health guidelines, their habitual practice of their lives and their mixing with their families and people is considered a neglect of people’s health and puts people at risk.”

He added: “While we call for indulgence and complacency in preventing disease, we call for our people to remain calm and calm and not to panic and spread rumors, the disease in Lebanon is still in the circle of containment, and despite the seriousness of the disease and the lack of treatment for it until now, only if The death rate from corona has not exceeded 2 percent of all infected people around the world. “

On the political level, Sheikh Damoush stressed that “the government seeks to save the country with the least possible damage, and works to find solutions to the financial crisis that does not make Lebanon hostage to the International Monetary Fund, which Lebanon and the Lebanese do not bear its conditions and dictates,” calling on “the Lebanese people and political forces to support the government’s decision.” What it will take on the merit of Eurobond and support its reform program instead of aiming at it and standing up to it, because everyone is concerned with saving the country and providing the national interest over narrow and private interests. “


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