Lebanon’s ambassador to Germany makes an appeal to associations and clubs to help Lebanese who cannot return to Lebanon at present – Al-Manar TV – Lebanon


The Lebanese Ambassador to Germany, Dr. Mustafa Adeeb, made an appeal to the Lebanese expatriate associations, clubs and institutions, and the pillars of the Lebanese community in Germany, in which he stated: “As a result of the restrictions imposed on travel due to the spread of the Corona virus, and after the closure of President Rafic Hariri International Airport in Beirut and the suspension of flights from it, and due to reaching Things are a delicate and delicate stage that requires taking the utmost care with the necessity of that for every person to remain in his or her whereabouts. The Embassy of Lebanon to the Federal Republic of Germany would like to inform you that there are a number of Lebanese citizens present on German soil who cannot Currently back to Lebanon.

Therefore, the embassy goes to the Lebanese expatriate associations, clubs and institutions and the members of the Lebanese community who are able and able to contribute to securing financial or in-kind assistance locally to meet the needs of these Lebanese and work together to pass this critical stage with the least possible damage in a responsible manner in which the highest priority is to preserve the safety of citizens, specifically through The most effective preventive measure so far, which is the association of individuals with their safe locations.

The embassy also confirms that it will not make any effort to interfere with the local authorities in order to facilitate the conditions of the presence of these Lebanese and their stay in their current locations. The embassy wishes to inform about any Lebanese citizen who is currently forcibly present on German soil due to the closure of Rafic Hariri Airport in Beirut.

We also re-circulate the hotline number set by the Lebanese embassy, ​​at the disposal of the honorable Lebanese community: 030/47498621. May God protect you all. ”

Source: National Information Agency


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