lebanon lotto The results of the Lebanese Lotto withdrawal today, Thursday 3/12/2020, with ZEED, via LBC


The results of the Lebanese Lotto 1801 recall, In an atmosphere filled with optimism and anticipation, thousands of contestants and competitors are waiting throughout Lebanon for the moment of the announcement of the results of the withdrawal of the Lebanese Lotto 1801, as citizens in various governorates and villages of Lebanon flock to buy the Lebanese national lottery tickets, hoping that they will be lucky and be among the winning cards in the Lebanese Lotto .

Results of the Lebanese Lotto 1801 recall

According to the dates set by the officials responsible for the conduct of the Lebanese National Lottery competition, the announcement of the winning cardholders will be on Monday and Thursday of each week, and thus the results of the Lebanese Lotto 1801 withdrawal will be announced on Thursday, March 12, 2020, live with the famous media Zaid via LBC Lebanese satellite channel.

Recently, the Lebanese Lotto contest witnessed an increase in the demand for it by contestants and contestants wishing to enter to withdraw the grand prize. The Lebanese National Lottery competition is considered one of the strongest and most famous competitions in the country, offering millions of prizes to the owners of the winning cards since the start of the competition.

lebanon lotto Results of the Lebanese Lotto withdrawal

Over the long years, the Lebanese Lotto Competition, which started in 2002, provided more than 400 billion Syrian pounds to cash prizes for the winners of the Lebanese Lottery contest, therefore it has a huge public and popular base and keeps the hopes of thousands of contestants and competitors great in being lucky to win the big prize.

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