Lebanon is out of the containment stage of Corona!


Public Health Minister Hamad Hassan announced that Lebanon has left the stage of containing the Coronavirus, and that there are now four cases of unknown source.

Hamad’s words came during a visit to Al-Bouar Governmental Hospital as part of an inspection tour of the hospitals, in which he indicated that “we moved today to the compulsory hospitalization, and government hospitals are the second line of defense after the family and the home.” Hamad added: “We have graduated from the stage of containing the virus and there is a spread now and there are four cases of unknown source,” stressing, “There has been an unaccounted development in the past 48 hours so that it was found that cases of coronavirus leaked from countries not classified as infected to Lebanon.”

He emphasized the call not to assemble and reduce contact and public meetings, and said: “Everyone must be responsible for themselves and their environment.”He pointed out that “Rafic Hariri University Hospital turned out to be on the level of responsibility and despite the right demands of the employees, but the professional conscience of the employees had to deal and respond to such cases,” stressing that “government hospitals belong to the ministry and the state and no one can put conditions on the state “.

Hassan added: “Every statement of an official must be very accurate and we have seen some politicians shed light on the positives and criticize the negatives and this is a good thing.” He added: “Governmental hospitals are the property of the Ministry and the state. No one can put conditions on the state.”

Hassan said: “Fear is justified, but hysterical panic is unacceptable, as morale is essential to stay high.”

It is noteworthy that the number of infections with the virus rose to 16 cases yesterday, Thursday, after the Ministry of Public Health announced the registration of a new infection installed with the new virus Corona COVID-19 of a Lebanese woman coming from Britain. The total number of injured became sixteen injured.

Today’s information is reported regarding the suspected four new cases. After talking about registering an infection with the Corona virus in Ajaltoun Hospital, the administration of “St. George” Hospital in Ajaltoun – Keserwan denied any suspicion of a new infection with the “Corona” virus in the hospital.

The hospital administration confirmed to “Lebanon 24” that any official announcement of the existence of a new “corona” case is issued by the Ministry of Health, after conducting the necessary examination, which is strictly available at the “Rafic Hariri University Hospital”.

Earlier, on his Twitter account, Minister of Health Hamad Hassan tweeted, “But you are afraid and cannot protect your patient; do not be alarmed by politics and you cannot tolerate your failure! Thank you, the team of the Rafic Hariri University Hospital.”


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