Lebanon is facing “SK” with difficulty … Will it win?


Kuwaiti Rai:

Lebanon is approaching the last lines of defense in the face of the new crawl of the Corona virus, which is now registering frightening daily jumps, indicating an anticipated doubling of the number of infections, which jumped to 248, with an increase of 18 new cases, warning that the virus is about to evade all the controls that the official authorities are seeking to put in place.

Whereas, from one extreme to the other, Lebanon witnessed the “protection” of the army and other security forces, the hard-line version of the general mobilization that was announced last Sunday through a wide spread on the ground and “communications” from the air (via army rafts) in an attempt to impose a self-imposed “curfew” What Prime Minister Hassan Diab called for while urging citizens to adhere to their homes and refrain from gathering. Fears of corona ‘swelling’ in the exhausted Lebanese body did not subside.
And Diab’s words on Saturday night reflected the seriousness of the situation by saying, “We are in great danger and our victory over the epidemic crawl is only with integration and interaction between the state, society and the citizen.” Amid the announcement of the Minister of Health Hassan Hamad that “we have not slid to the fourth stage yet, but escaped in the past two days is unacceptable. Never, if it remains loose, will we reach a dark tunnel. It seemed that Lebanon had “strapped belts” to meet the most accurate stage of its battle with Corona.
Interior Minister Mohamed Fahmy also stressed that “we will no longer be able to contain this epidemic, we have overcome containment, we will slip into the unknown if there is no self-conviction from every citizen to overcome this crisis.”
He stressed that “any violation that threatens public safety will be suppressed, and we will apply the law to everyone.” He pointed out that there is complete coordination between state agencies to implement the measures taken.
The Ministry of Health called on all cases that were examined in private non-accredited laboratories, the result of which was positive and most of them did not suffer from symptoms, commitment to complete domestic quarantine pending confirmation of the virus or its denial.
Meanwhile, the Ministry of Education and Higher Education launched yesterday the first distance learning seminars on state television.
The epidemic storm did not conceal attention from the disturbing hesitations that led its head in the file of Amer al-Fakhoury, who was taken out of Lebanon on Thursday by an American military plane, in a development that broke the decision to prevent travel against him, after the military judiciary stopped the tracksuits about him in the case of torturing prisoners in the Khiam detention center during the Israeli occupation.
Fears of a multi-directional fragmentation of this file quickly exploded, following the assassination of an associate of Al-Fakhouri (in the Khiyam Detention Center) Antoine Yusef Al-Hayek (51 years) inside his shop in the town of Mayyeh and Mieh (near Sidon – South).
Mayor Maya and Maya Rifaat Busaba said that Al-Hayek is a retired corporal in the Internal Security Forces, and he was subjected to an assassination operation yesterday from two different weapons. Al-Nahar website revealed that Hayek had previously been arrested after his return to Lebanon (from Israel) and tried before the charges were dropped. He was directed to him, and his name was mentioned in the military court’s decision to stop trackdowns on Al-Fakhouri, which stated that Al-Hayek had thrown a bomb in the Khiyam detention center that led to the killing of two prisoners, whom Al-Fakhouri was accused of killing and the ruling against him over the 10 years has passed (2003).
Informed circles did not delay in warning about the danger of this development, which would torment a highly sensitive file that dates back to the time of the war and the Israeli occupation and is linked to the subject of the “South Lebanon Army” and the fate of the Lebanese they joined and left for Israel after the liberation of the south in 2000, which was one of the addresses Mar Mikhael’s understanding between the current and Hezbollah in 2006.


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