Lebanon declares general mobilization and health emergencies against Corona … and Aoun: “Political considerations will fall”


Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – The Supreme Defense Council of Lebanon announced, on Sunday, the general mobilization and health emergency in the country, to counter the spread of Corona virus.

The announcement came after the convening of the Supreme Defense Council at the Presidential Palace in Baabda, headed by President Michel Aoun, and in the presence of Prime Minister Hassan Diab.

The Lebanese Presidency quoted General Secretary of the Supreme Defense Council, Major General Mahmoud Al-Asmar, as saying: “We announce general mobilization with the necessary plans and special provisions, and public departments and agencies have been asked to follow up on the situation that calls for a health emergency.”

Al-Asmar added: “President Aoun presented the measures that should be taken to prevent Corona and the Minister of Health presented the situation in terms of health and hospitalization.”

For his part, the Lebanese President said, in a statement broadcast on Twitter: “In the face of the health of every citizen, all political considerations fall. Right or indifferent, “he says.

Aoun continued: “It is the hour of national solidarity for all of us. Our solidarity must be translated together, with its human and societal dimensions, and in new and innovative ways. We are all one in front of any threat to the safety of life for any of the Lebanese, and in any Lebanese region.”

Aoun stressed that dealing with the Corona virus “requires taking the utmost degree of prevention and protection to limit the speed of its spread,” calling on the Lebanese to adhere to the awareness and medical directives issued by the official authorities.

The Lebanese President said, “These difficult days are not important for a long time, neither a prison nor a punishment, nor is it an opportunity to stop the cycle of life and surrender to emptiness … Each of us is called upon to continue his work, from his home, in the manner he deems appropriate.”

Earlier on Sunday, the Lebanese Ministry of Health, in its daily report on the Corona virus, said that the total number of cases of the disease was 99.


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