Lebanon between the expatriate plan and cracking down on violations … The Phalanges


Lebanon continues to develop a plan for the return of expatriates and the suppression of violations of public mobilization.

Lebanon is still recording violations of the state of public mobilization and looking for a solution to the issue of expatriates wishing to return to the homeland, amid an invitation to the Council of Ministers to convene on Tuesday after the Ministry of Foreign Affairs distributed a form to the expatriates and set hot numbers.

In this context, the Board of Directors of the Association of Banks in Lebanon announced that banks, in anticipation of their national, professional and humanitarian responsibility, were and are still committed to transfer the appropriate amounts for Lebanese students residing abroad, if these students or their relatives have a bank account in Lebanon.

The association also declares that if the Lebanese authorities decide to return any of these students to Lebanon, due to the current conditions, the banks are fully prepared to transfer the price of travel cards for the benefit of Middle East Airlines in US dollars to each student who wishes to return and has an account in Lebanese banks.

The Minister of the Displaced Ghada Shreim tweeted, “Twitter,” and wrote: “The government is in the process of studying an effective mechanism that guarantees the return of expatriates to Lebanon in a manner that preserves their safety and the safety of the people of the country at the same time.

And revealed information to the LBCI that the Association of Banks will issue a statement to announce the provision of transfers to cover all costs for students abroad without restrictions until their return to Lebanon is guaranteed by the government.

In turn, the security forces continue to work to reduce mobilization violations, whether through traffic or gatherings.

One of the electronic game stores in Basta has not complied with the general packaging decision. Elements of the Basta faction stormed the shop and closed it with red wax at the reference of the judiciary. Records were seized against the owner of the store and customers between the ages of 18 and 22 years.

On the other hand, the security forces pointed out, on its Twitter page, that people are gathering for easy play in violation of the law and the decision to mobilize the public, not paying attention to the dangers of the outbreak of the Corona epidemic.

She added: “The force of the company of Tire, with the patronage of the Information Division, raided last night 3/28/2020, arrested the apartment, arrested two persons, organized minutes of arrest against the violators, and sealed the apartment with red wax according to the reference of the judiciary.”


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