Lebanese artists at auction for public donations


It seems that the infection of donating aids or support for Corona virus treatments arrived in Lebanon, as the Lebanese MTV station called last Sunday to participate in a donation campaign on the phone, on the initiative of the station’s staff. A long Lebanese “Teleton” joined by a group of artists at night, and made financial contributions to the Hariri Hospital, which is obligated to treat Corona patients, along with the Lebanese Red Cross, which provides free transportation of the injured, and it also requires logistical and moral support. The campaign coordinator, Jean Nakhoul, said that the idea came out as a supportive media contribution from MTV to the Lebanese, adding that there is a committee in charge of receiving these donations, headed by the head of the Bar Association Professor Melhem Khalaf, in order to show the transparency of the Captain’s credibility with the Lebanese.

Despite the criticism he received a week ago for leaving his home, and for not committing to the quarantine imposed on the Lebanese, artist Ragheb Alama donated a sum of 25 million Lebanese pounds divided between 15 million pounds to the Rafic Hariri Hospital and 10 million to the Lebanese Red Cross, while the singer announced Elisa intends to donate a sum of money to the Red Cross without announcing its value, and only to distribute in-kind aid, which are special food rations for the needy, in light of the fact that most citizens stop working because of the obligation to stay at home. In a phone call on the Lebanese MTV screen, Elisa expressed her happiness at seeing solidarity and solidarity in this world crisis, and she hoped that everything would end soon.

Elissa opened the appetite of her colleagues, and Haifa Wehbe called after her, to announce her donation of 20 million Lebanese pounds equally between the Hariri Hospital and the Lebanese Red Cross, as did her colleague Nancy Ajram, and she donated the same amount to the two institutions.

As for the artist Maya Diab, she expressed her sympathy for the “daily workers” or those who work with daily sums, as they sit at home without work, and she made donations whose value was not mentioned to them, provided that she provides financial support to the Lebanese Red Cross.

Within the framework of the campaign itself, the singer Myriam Fares donated an amount of money she did not want to disclose to the Lebanese Red Cross, and the singer Tania Kassis provided ten million Lebanese pounds to the Red Cross.

Producer Sadiq Al-Sabah, went through the station that adopted the long donation day and gave 15 million Lebanese pounds divided between the Red Cross and the Hariri University Hospital.
The artist Maggie Bou Ghosn and her husband, Producer Jamal Senan, donated 25 million pounds to the Lebanese Ministry of Health, before the campaign, provided that Bou Ghosn distributes in-kind food aid to needy families. In the face of the horror of the spread of the Corona virus, there is hope in trying to support the private citizens of Lebanon through financial or in-kind support, and to bet on getting out of this crisis with strength and success.


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