Leave medicine to treat corona .. 154 deaths in America


Source: Dubai – Al Arabiya Channel

US President Donald Trump has revealed the fast approval of the US Food and Drug Administration to adopt a drug to treat the emerging corona virus, which was intended for malaria, explaining that this drug will be dispensed with a prescription soon to large groups.

In an urgent development, the American Johns Hopkins Institute counted more than 10,000 cases, and 154 deaths in the United States.

Trump expected that the aforementioned drug would be available to everyone by the end of the current year, indicating the completion of a rapid medical operation that would normally take many years.

Trump stressed that he made every effort to get rid of corona, and called it “the Chinese virus.”

He stressed in a press conference on the developments of the Corona virus crisis, Thursday, that “we have nothing more important than the life of the American citizen.”

The US president declared that “Corona is a bad thing that surprised the whole world,” adding, “If we had known about the virus, we would have eliminated it in its place.”

Trump pledged to work to get the US economy back into recovery quickly.

The US President revealed clinical trials of a vaccine against Corona several weeks ago, indicating that treatments could be found sooner than the vaccines.

After the US President’s speech, the US Food and Drug Administration official announced that more than 10,000 American scientists are working to find a safe drug to treat corona.

The official talked about a plan to study existing medications used to treat other diseases, while studying the possibility of using them to treat corona.

He examined other treatment ideas, such as the possibility of using blood plasma for a person who recovered from corona, to treat another patient by injection.


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