Learn the truth about the clip “Saudi women in Lebanon” 3 days after the success of the evacuation! Saudi News


On the ninth of March, the government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia announced the temporary suspension of travel of its citizens and residents on its lands to Lebanon, in addition to suspending the entry of those arriving in a precautionary manner, before the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques in Beirut announced the success of the evacuation of citizens from Lebanon on two trips to Riyadh and Jeddah, On the 15th of March. Just two days separated the advertisement and circulation of a video to appeal to Saudi women in Beirut and a demand to return to Saudi Arabia, two days after the success of the evacuation plan, and 6 days after the embassy invited nationals in Beirut to go to the embassy to evacuate them outside Lebanese territory.

According to informed sources, Okaz, Saudi women in the video who violated the regulations by going to Iran via Lebanon, after the Beirut airport authorities made it easier for them to travel to Iran, and not to stamp their passports when they left for Iran via Syria. The sources indicated that they found it difficult to return to Lebanon via Syria after the borders were closed.

The sources pointed out that they entered Lebanon (last Monday), after the Saudi embassy in Lebanon made efforts to facilitate their entry, before they filmed the video circulating in a nearby apartment for them to gain sympathy. The sources added: “They were claimed to have been in Lebanon for 10 days. This family was not in Lebanon, and now they are hosted by the Saudi embassy in a Beirut hotel, and a solution will be found to return them to Saudi Arabia.”


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