Learn about the distinctive style of Queen Rania, taken from men’s fashion


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The suit has become an indispensable piece in the wardrobe of every woman looking for an elegant and at the same time fashionable fashion in keeping with the latest fashion. The suit inspired by men’s clothing meets great popularity among the stars around the world, and even the queens and among them Queen Rania Known for its constant selection of high-end fashion.

The suit shouts in monochrome or monochrome overwhelm groups fashion shows, Which fashion experts advise to adopt especially to show your taller and thinner textures.

Recently, Queen Rania starred in a modern beige suit from Michael Kors, characterized by long blazers with double buttons with two straps on both sides to define her waist, with medium-length pants. On one occasion, she appeared in a heavenly suit with the signature of Armano Servino, decorated with a tie in the same suit color.

In a distinctive modern look, Queen Rania in Washington overlooked a sparkling crystal and square suit of Ermanno Scervino in gray and black with a shiny silver waist belt, and chose a small Bottega Veneta handbag.

In another modern look, Queen Rania shine in a classy suit that consisted of black pants and a white jacket with a modern red design for the Lebanese international designer, George Chakra, from the 2018-2019 winter collection.

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