Leaked official image of Huawei P40 phone set


On March 26, Huawei is preparing to unveil its upcoming flagship smartphone range (Huawei P40), and although it is still less than two weeks away from the scheduled date, the famous leak (Evan Blass) Evan Blass revealed through his account on the Twitter platform an official photo For the whole series (Huawei P40).

Although it does not appear in a specific order, the new marketing image confirms previous reports about Huawei’s development of three leading smartphones equipped with a triple, quadruple and five rear camera, and the devices in the image appear to be identical at first sight, except for their size, but they include three devices with a different rear camera.

The image includes almost all colors and models of the series, and shows the presence of three models are (P40), (P40 Pro) and (P40 Pro Premium), while showing their formal differences.

The company is supposed to market the cheapest phone in the lineup (Huawei P40) as a successor to the phone (Huawei P30) of the previous generation, and (Huawei P40) features a triple rear camera, which consists of a basic lens of 52 megapixels, and a lens with a very wide angle of 40 megapixels, And lens is not yet precise resolution.

The new leak indicates that the smartphone will be available for purchase in silver, gold, black and blue.

While it is said that the phone (Huawei P40 Pro) features a quad-back camera, which consists of a basic lens with a accuracy of 52 megapixels, lens with a very wide angle accurately 40 megapixels, lens type (Periscope), and sensor (ToF).

It seems that this phone will be available in several color options are silver, gold, black and blue, and previous leaks also offered a mint green option.

The most expensive smartphone in the lineup is supposed to be (Huawei P40 Pro Premium), which includes a five-core rear camera, which consists of a 52-megapixel primary lens, a 40-megapixel ultra wide-angle lens, a telephoto lens and a Periscope lens. , And ToF sensor.

Previous leaks indicate that the phone uses ceramic instead of glass, while today’s picture shows that it comes in white or black.


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