Leaked details of the new iPhone 12 Pro … a mighty camera


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Newspaper reports revealed new details “leaked” to the “Apple” phone, “iPhone 12 Pro”, which is described as a “revolution” in the world of smart phones in the world.

And publish Location IMORE details of the latest iPhone 12 Pro leaks, which are expected to be officially launched next September.

Reports indicated that Apple is preparing in “Iphone 12 Pro “new camera with superior capabilities and 64-megapixel imaging capability.

Although the accuracy of the iPhone 12 Pro camera is still lower than that of the Galaxy S20 Ultra, which is 108 megapixels, the leaks indicate that it will carry sensors that have more technologies turning the camera into something like a “powerful telescope”.

Will also be provided “CamelAlso its cameras have modified “Night Mode” technologies, which help the camera take better pictures in the dark.

It will also support “Apple” in the “iPhone 12 Pro” in the fifth generation networks for high-speed communications.

It is expected that the iPhone 12 Pro will be supported by a huge battery with a larger capacity of 4400 mAh.


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