Lawyer for the murder of Villa Nancy Ajram explodes a surprise about Dr. Fadi Al-Hashem … breaking the law!


The Syrian lawyer, Rehab Mamdouh Bitar, the legal representative of the family of the murdered Syrian, Mohammed Al-Mousa, caused a surprise about the doctor Fadi Al-Hashem, the husband of the actress Nancy Ajram, confirming that he had broken the law on the case of the murder of his house, describing what happened as the end of injustice.

Rehab Bitar confirmed that Fadi Al-Hashem left the Lebanese territories and went to one of the countries outside the country, despite the fact that he was completely prevented from traveling due to the case of the dead man, Mohammed Al-Mousa, explaining that the murdered wife prevented the judge from traveling while she was on the Lebanese border.

Bitar appeared in a video posted on YouTube saying: “In an unpleasant surprise, I wanted to reach you, and rather it is the utmost injustice. He is reasonable, Fadi Al-Hashim is traveling in the country after we have prevented travel.”

She added: “And once for the deceased, and we are at the border, the judge prevented her from traveling, in more than one heck of a farce that I loved, but the whole world knows the heck of this issue.”

Bitar published another video clip in which she said that the body of Mohamed Al-Mousa was “moldy” in a terrible condition when he was transferred from the Lebanese border to the Syrian capital, Damascus, explaining that those who transported him were unhappy with the condition of the body.

And she continued: “I do not want to explain to you any degree of disregard for human life and human spirit, but this is what I liked to bring you and thank you very much.”


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