Latifa cut herself out of fear of the virus – Politics Kuwaiti daily newspaper


Tunisian actress Latifa on her Twitter page published the details of an experience she lived last week, after she was suspected of being infected with the Corona virus, which led her to isolate herself for a week in her room until she was sure that she had a common cold.
Latifa tweeted, “I had a week locking myself in my room and wearing a mask filter. I got a cold because of the studio’s condition. I wore a mask for everyone in the house because of my mother, O Dub. I see it during the day and sit with it a little in the balcony in the sun and enter my second room. Corona, but when I found myself, praise be to God, it improved and I did not have heat. I praised our Lord and prayed thanks to God. Latifa continued: “You must do the same like me. Bring all sterilization materials and wear a spare mask, even if someone takes a cold trying to distance himself from those around him, and of course ventilation along incense and herbs.” She concluded: “I entered and I spoke with you for the first time when I felt that I had improved, thank God.”


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