Lampard stands by his players


Lampard avoids physical pressure on players during the layoff, with the spread of “Covid-19”.

  • Lampard in a Chelsea match (archive)

Chelsea manager, Frank Lampard, believes that it is illogical to put additional pressure on his players to keep in shape, in light of the suspension of matches due to the Corona virus, especially since the date for the resumption of competitions has not been decided yet.

The Premier League matches were suspended for about two weeks because of the “Covid-19” epidemic, until an initial date is April 30, but this date is expected to be extended further at a meeting of the league clubs next week.

“It is very difficult at the present time because there is nothing concrete in front of us,” Lampard said in a video interview with the FaceTime app.

“We saw that things are changing rapidly and therefore we have to look at the dates that have been given to us. At the moment it seems to me that it is about May 1 or the end of April.”

Lampard talked about his approach to things in the shadow of the virus, saying, “Let everyone realize that I am on their side because the players are going through difficult periods, both mentally and physically. I think everyone knows that there are many things that are more important than football.”


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