Kylie Jenner with a short hair on Instagram to break the boredom .. Photo


American reality TV star Kylie Jenner announced her entry into the house isolation, as 167 million followers participated via Instagram, her daily activity, the last of which was when she cut her hair after feeling bored as a result of being in the house isolation with her two-year-old daughter Stormy, to avoid the new coronary virus. COVID-19.

The beauty icon, 22, participated yesterday, Monday, as she shared some of her videos while hanging around on the sofa, as she appeared in a black shirt and commented, “I feel bored.”

It is known that Kylie Jenner often appears on social media with very long hair, thanks to hair extensions or a large wig, but recently, she has been showing her fans her natural hair, and with a very short haircut that she recently dyed in golden blonde.

The reality TV star still relied on her long pink nails, and she surprised her Kylie Cosmetics Followers to appear with a face without makeup.

Last Monday, Kylie Jenner published a message to her followers about the importance of social separation, saying: “I just want to make this point clear if people don’t realize it yet, not sticking to social separation for a longer period, which means we will live this situation for a longer period as well.”


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