Kuwait-stc launches postpaid packages for Samsung’s latest innovations in the world of Galaxy S20 smartphones


(MENAFN – Al-Anbaa) Kuwait Telecom Company stc launched its new postpaid plans that include Samsung’s latest innovations in the world of Galaxy S20 smartphones.
STC is introducing to new and existing customers three revolutionary devices from the leading Samsung series, two of which support 5G technology within the postpaid packages designed specifically for customers.

The Samsung Galaxy S20 series of phones includes 3 new devices, the Galaxy S20 with 4G technology, and the Galaxy S20 + and Galaxy S20 + Ultra that support the fifth generation technology.
The Samsung phones launched by stc within the postpaid plans feature storage capacities ranging between 128 GB and 512 GB (4G Galaxy S20 and Galaxy S20 + come with 128 GB, while Galaxy S20 + and Galaxy S20 + Ultra come with 128 GB and 512 GB storage capacities).
STC also provides a variety of data and minutes packages through postpaid plans designed specifically to meet the needs and requirements of the company’s diverse customer base.
Commenting on the launch of the Galaxy S20 series, Haneen Al-Fulaij, CEO of the retail sales sector at stc: The new Samsung series of devices has gained wide popularity and growing by loyal customers thanks to the advantages and advanced options provided by each device. We are proud to launch the Galaxy S20 series with a range of postpaid plans offers for our diverse customer base.

Especially since the Galaxy S20 series is the latest group that comes equipped with leading 5G technologies from Samsung and we are happy to present these devices on our network of the fifth most advanced and largest in Kuwait.
Al-Fulaij confirmed: The fifth generation technologies will bring about many developments in the field of using mobile phones, as it supports and changes the way we communicate with others, and will completely change our view of the technologies of the Internet world.

At STC, we are committed to achieving our strategic goals related to enabling digital transformation in Kuwait.

We believe that adopting the fifth generation technology in Kuwait is considered a basic step in our goal towards enabling the digital transformation of the nation.
The Galaxy S20 series of Samsung includes 3 new devices, which are the Galaxy S20, Galaxy S20 + and Galaxy S20 + Ultra phones. The devices come with exceptional features and superior communication capabilities that support the fifth generation technology, in addition to the improvements made by the company in terms of camera, random access memory (RAM) and storage capacity that Upgraded compared to previous S series phones.

The new devices come in different sizes for the amazing dynamic Super AMOLED display, with the Galaxy S20 display coming in at 6.2 inches while the Galaxy S20 + display comes in at 6.7 inches and the Galaxy S20 + Ultra at 6.9 inches.
The Galaxy S20 series devices feature a completely new camera design, which combines the superior capabilities of artificial intelligence with the exceptional advantages of the largest image sensor from Samsung so far, enabling users to take pictures and record videos with exceptional quality.

The Galaxy S20 series phones are also designed to enhance the simplicity and quality of the daily experiences that we use with our smart phones, as the new phones allow users to listen to their favorite music throughout the day, watch videos in high quality and play their favorite games, in high resolution with a great level of comfort during Mobility.



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