Klopp makes an exciting statement about eliminating Liverpool from the Champions League


The German coach Juergen Klopp, the Liverpool coach, made a dramatic statement after his team lost three goals to Atletico Madrid, on Wednesday evening.Klopp said in a press statement after the meeting: “It is difficult to play against a team that plays this way, and I do not understand how Atlético Madrid plays like this in light of the distinctive capabilities that the team has.”

He added: “I really don’t understand the reason, I see players like Kouki, Llorente and Sa نl Nijes, who can play different football better instead of staying at home and scattering the balls, well, they beat us, but that’s how it is.”

“We have to accept it, and we accepted it, of course, there are no problems, and I congratulate and salute Atletico Madrid on winning and qualifying,” Klopp added.

Atletico Madrid needed extra time in Anfield Road to beat Liverpool and booked the pass for the next round.


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