Klopp criticizes Atletico’s defensive play … Simeone: We were playing to win


Liverpool coach Jurgen Klopp criticized the defensive way in which Atletico Madrid played in the second leg of the Champions League round 16.

Klopp said: “Frankly, I don’t understand with the type of players they have to offer this style of football, I don’t understand that, but the winner is always right, and when I see players like Koki, Saul, Llorente can play real football, but they defend in depth and resort to To apostates. ”

He added: “But they beat us and we must accept that. I am not feeling well tonight. I feel a bad loser. Especially when the youths make the perfect effort in a match.”

He continued: “Look at the rest of the players on the opposite side, defending two lines of four players and attacking in front of them, so they did not launch rebounds in the ninety minutes, this is wonderful.”

Liverpool were on their way to the quarter-finals with a 2-0 lead in the first overtime, replacing their 1-0 0 loss, but the La Liga capital city team struggled to turn the tables by scoring their quarter-finals to the quarter-finals.

Klopp refused to put the cause of the loss on goalkeeper Adrian, and said: “In the last two seasons, luck stood by our side sometimes and you need that to reach the final two times in the Champions League, today everything was against us in the ninety minutes.”

The coach, who suffered the first continental loss at home since joining Liverpool five years ago, indicated that after the second goal the team suffered from exhaustion.

He continued: “Our main mistake was not to score the second goal in real time. We were great in the first ninety minutes, we scored in extra time and not in the ninety minutes.”

We play to win

On the other hand, Atletico Madrid coach Diego Simeone defended his method, saying: “We play to win, with the weapons we have. We respect our identity, the characteristics of our players and exploit the opponents’ weaknesses.”

“I have no doubt that Oplac is the best goalkeeper in the world,” added Simeone, who has been under fire this season for his team’s retreat in the local race with the rivals Barcelona and Real Madrid.

He added: “Liverpool is the strongest opponent we faced with its intensity, the quality of its crosses, its great pressure on the field, and the way it delivered the ball to its attackers.”

He said: “We knew that it was difficult to break this streak of pressure, we wanted to play in a compact way, suffering by getting the ball and making dangerous, even when the result was zero -1 we followed the same way.”


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