Klopp comments on postponing the English Premier League


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Liverpool coach Juergen Klopp said on Friday that football is no longer a priority amid the outbreak of the Coruna virus, and that every community should do everything in its power to preserve the health and safety of its citizens.

The Premier League suspended its competitions until April 4, while Liverpool needs 6 points to clinch the Premier League title, but after the number of people living with HIV around the world rose to nearly 135,000, and more than 4,900 deaths, Klopp said football is no longer an option.

Klopp said in a statement to the Liverpool website: “First of all we must all do everything we can to protect each other, I mean in societyThis should be the case all the time, but at this moment I think it is more important than ever. ”

He added, “I said before that football always seems the most important of the least important things. Today, football and football matches are not important at all.” Male website “talksport.”

He continued: “If the choice is between football and the safety of society as a whole, then I think the answer is settled.”

The Premier League was planning to play matches against empty stands, but after Arsenal coach Mikel Arteta injured Callum Hudson Audoy, ​​the Chelsea winger of the virus, contest officials held an emergency meeting on Friday and decided to postpone the competition.

Klopp added: “We do not want to play in front of empty stands and we do not want to stop matches and competitions. But if this helps protect the health of anyone, even if it is one individual, the matter will be settled.”

Klopp concluded: “The team’s message to our fans. Put your health first. Don’t risk. Think about the most vulnerable To catch disease in our community and sympathize with them as much as possible.


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