King of Jordan passes emergency law to combat Corona


Source: Arabic.Net – Agencies

On Tuesday, Jordan’s King Abdullah II passed a law giving the government broad powers to impose a state of emergency to help it Fighting the spread of the Corona virusStressing that the health of Jordanians is a sacred matter that takes precedence over everything and their safety is above all else.

The Jordanian monarch issued a royal decree granting Prime Minister Omar al-Razzaz powers under the Defense Law, which is activated in times of war and disasters, to impose a curfew, close institutions, and place restrictions on the freedom of movement of people.

In a letter to Razaz, the King of Jordan said that he approved the law to help combat the virus without prejudice to the political and civil rights of citizens, and called on the government to intensify and continue efforts to reduce the life burdens on citizens and take measures to ensure their health, safety, living requirements, and ways to sustain them efficiently and with high coordination between the various relevant state agencies .

He also clarified that the aim of this exceptional law is to provide an additional tool and means to protect public health, preserve the health and safety of citizens, improve performance, and raise the level of coordination among all to confront the epidemic.

Earlier, the Jordanian Prime Minister announced on Twitter that the entire private sector is excluded, except for the health sector, in addition to prohibiting the gathering of more than 10 people and preventing movement between governorates.

In addition, the General Command of the Armed Forces announced that it will deploy on Entrances and exits of cities Throughout the country as part of measures to prevent the spread of the virus.

In the statement, the General Command called on citizens to follow all instructions issued by the units deployed at the entrances and exits of cities and governorates.

Jordan had announced earlier the tightening of borders and the banning of gatherings and public events after the confirmed cases of the virus reached 33 cases.


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