Khaled Youssef’s new video hd khaled youssef & mona farouk 2019 video scandal Mona Farouk full secrets …


Khaled Youssef New Video hd khaled youssef & mona farouk 2019 Video scandal Mona Farouk Kamel Secrets Khaled Youssef and Mona Farouk HD video The leaked, a great shock suffered by the Egyptian community and the fans of the artist Mona Farouk and Shaima Al Haj, after leaking a pornographic video of them with director Khaled Youssef.

In the first comment by the Egyptian artist Mona Farouk, after the scandal of the video of her leak, she and Shaima El Hajj and Khaled Youssef spread, Farouk published through her personal account on the “Instagram” website, that she “only has one account, and that what is transmitted on her tongue through any sites is not responsible about him”.

The continuous searches about the pornographic video of the Egyptian artist Mona Farouk and Shaima Al Haj are still tremendous across Google engines, especially after the spread of the scandal of Mona Farouk, Shaima Al Haj and Khaled Youssef during the filming of a video clip of her dancing in clothes almost naked.

Social media has pervaded pornographic videos of Egyptian artist Mona Farouk, dressed in semi-nude clothes, accompanied by Shaima Al Hajj, dancing on a song, which left a huge media hype.

The full video of the artist’s scandal, Mona Farouk, was widely circulated on social media and the comments came from the pioneers of “Facebook”, which bear the stamp of irony, because the well-known actress appears in the video almost naked, she only wears the interior, what some considered that the artist was accompanied by friends in one of the apartments, as he explained In most comments.

According to the video posted on Twitter and later deleted, belly dancing prevailed between the Egyptian actresses Mona, Farouk and Shaima, who are only in internal clothes, and they seemed to be almost in a coma, and they seemed as if they were not afraid of the scandal, as the camera was moving on them quietly and without confusion, while it was The man with them talks to them and asks them to get rid of the only piece on each one’s body, and they actually took off what was left of them and became completely naked.

Shaima Al-Hajj and Mona Farouk remain silent

So far, there has been no comment from Shima El Hajj or Mona Farouk about the leaked video, not only this, but websites wrote that a second part of the video was leaked as well.

The actress Mona Farouk appeared in a video while she was dancing without clothes, and the video of Mona Farouk sparked widespread controversy on social media platforms, and the video got the scandal of Mona Farouk and Shaima Al Haj, dancing without clothes on a follow-up rate and high viewing on the sites and the research carried the title of the video of Shima Farouk without deleting, and watching the video of Mona Farouk Al-Fadhil.

“I have never seen a video like this in my life, not even in films specialized in this sexual show, but belly dancing prevailed among the Egyptian actresses Mona, Farouk and Shaima Al-Hajj, and they are only in underwear,” Moorad said.


It appears that Shaima Al-Hajj and Mona Farouk are very close friends, and they were almost in a coma, out of the slightest awareness or fear, and we do not know if they knew that the man with them was photographing them because the camera was traveling on them comfortably and without confusion .. The man was speaking to them and asking them to get rid of The only piece on each one’s body, and they did, and took off what was left of them, and became just as you created me, Lord.

Was anyone filming and not paying attention? Nobody can guess because a montage was the movie that spanned three minutes.

They were dancing naked on the music of (Ain Ain Moulayten), which is a famous song by the great Lebanese singer Samira Tawfiq, and we do not know if the song was spreading in Egypt?

The man who was with them and filmed was talking to them in the Egyptian dialect.

We do not know the date of filming, but the two actresses looked with two hoarded bodies, and they were dancing with joy and affliction, and they performed a performance that we had never experienced before.

The shape of the apartment is one of the well furnished apartments, dominated by classic furniture, of old wood, with a modern rug, and a sofa that looks to the north of the traditional hazel velvet.

Whoever watches the movie more than once captures many details, including an office that has a lot of stacked papers, which means that the man is a “businessman”, but such offices are for old businessmen because no computer is on the disk.

And before the music changed to a classic, the man said words that are difficult to convey here, to change the music to a musical introduction to Umm Kulthum, and the two actresses embraced and started another kind of performance, calling for one of them. I ran toward him and the disgusting scene that the movie was cut off on.

This “Dot Al Khaleej” apologizes for publishing the pornographic video of Mona Farouk, Shaima Al Hajj and Khaled Youssef, because the video contains pornographic clips that are against Islamic values ​​and teachings and the editorial policy of the site.

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