Khaled Youssef hunts a new girl – video


Rin Tebouni presents herself as an Iraqi poet, and this is what Iraqi women wanting to do with fame may be talented, but they appear more fashion models than women poets, including Rin who have longed to defend themselves in a harsh tone and presented their pictures, which are veiled to deny that they are Christian, as Christianity is a shame that alerts us more to the Turkish soap opera tone That still describes Christians as infidels.

After the sexual films Khaled Youssef is accused of fraud

Reneen claimed to have received invitations to act, published a video and commented on it asking her followers if they encouraged her.

She said that Khaled Youssef loves him a lot and offered her acting, and he was serious and diligent, so he sent her his Karma film, which has not yet been shown ?!

This show is from Khaled Youssef for a girl who was not represented by her life and for an unannounced work and has not yet been able to film in France where he resides .. What does this show mean for a beautiful and sexy girl only and she has no interest in art and is not a theater graduate or acting?

If Khaled Youssef knew that Rinan would announce what he had done, he would not have done it and exposed himself again.


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